Customisable Photo Builder

Mozabrick offers a truly personalised and customisable experience. Get creative with Mozabrick and turn your favourite memories, photos and images that will suit any room in your house. Take apart and enjoy the building experience over again and again!


The original
Mozabrick RANGE

Mozabrick S

51X51 CM/ 20X20 IN

The Mozabrick S set comes at the perfect size for your bedroom or your kids room. It comes at a size that is great for a selfie or a picture that is a close up of one or two people. The black and white photo style fits nicely with most modern interior decoration aesthetics.

Mozabrick M

51X76 CM/ 20X30 IN

The Mozabrick M set is the perfect way to turn a picture of a loved one into a work of art! With one dimension longer that the other you can make use of this set to create stunning works of art in a portrait or landscape frame. A truly unique way to have a custom piece of art in your home!

Mozabrick L

76X76 CM/ 30X30 IN

The Mozabrick L set is great for pictures with multiple people. Create a portrait of the whole family to decorate your home, there’s even space in the frame for your pets! This large Mozabrick set will work with most pictures so there’s no limit to what you can create with it!



Qbrix is a smaller photo builder that comes with all you need to make modern pixel art out of a picture or selfie. Qbrix makes a great gift for many diffferent occasions and can be used over and over again!

Qbrix comes in 3 different colours with options available in Original, Solar or Poster!

Create Your Masterpiece
in 3 easy steps



Select and order your desired Mozabrick set from our online store. Choose from one of our three sizes in either black and white or colour options.



Open your set when it arrives and enter your access code on the Mozabrick Layout Generator. Adjust your image and your instructions will be sent via email.



Simply follow your personalised instructions and assemble your Mozabrick masterpiece at your own pace whenever it suits you!


Tired of your masterpiece and want something different? Simply upload a new image and start again!

Instant Mozabrick Preview

Upload your image to our online Mozabrick layout generator to see your future work of art in all of it’s glory. Not happy with the result? Just upload another picture and watch the magic happen before your eyes!
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