Mozabrick Set S


Mozabrick Set S


Package dimensions: 295х277х82 mm / 12x11x3 in
Package weight: 2000 g
Dimensions of the assembled picture: 51х51 cm / 20×20 in
Assembly time: 12 hours

Mozabrick’s Small set is the perfect size to display personalised art in your bedroom or your kids room. Its small size means that it is great for a selfie or a picture that is a close up of one or two people. The black and white photo style matches many modern decor styles and will fit neatly into your home.

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  • 5800 bricks (1160 bricks for each of 5 colours)
  • 4 base plates to assemble the pixel art
  • 9 base plate connectors
  • 10 double-sized stickers to hang the picture on the wall
  • 1 dismantling tool
  • 1 logo brick
  • 1 mount for the finished picture
  • 1 manual with the code for unlimited mosaic picture generation