Mozabrick Colour Set S


Finished picture size: 51×51 cm (20×20 in)
Finished picture size with frame: 52×52 cm (20,4×20,4 in)
Number of components: 7131 pcs
Assembly time: 12 hours

Do you like pixel art? Do you like unique paintings based on photos? Are you searching for an idea of an exciting gift? In these cases, Mozabrick Photo-constructor is what you need!

Mozabrick Colour sets offer you 6 colours of bricks and one additional color thanks to the black base plates to create unique paintings based on your photos!

An elegant black frame for your picture is already included in the package!




Create your own Mozabrick with 3 simple steps:

  1. Buy the constructor kit;
  2. Upload your photo onto our website and get your mosaic assembly instructions;
  3. Assemble your puzzle and enjoy how awesome your favourite photo looks!

And the cherry on top: Mozabrick can be reassembled as many times as you wish! You tired of your picture? Disassemble it, select a new photo, upload it onto our website, assemble a new picture – and repeat as often as you’d like!

Gift yourself and your loved ones an infinite source of positivity with Mozabrick

Set includes:
 Assembly manual with a unique code;
 4 base plates 32×32;
 12 base plates connectors 6×6;
 Sticker pack (A5);
 7000 bricks of 6 colors;
 101 frame bricks;
 2 mounting tools;
 1 Mozabrick logo brick;
 6 zip lock bags;
 10 double-sided 3М stickers for wall mounting.


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